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Hey. I'm Judith, 2nd generation female engineer with experience in a variety of stacks, a high EQ and a sharp design eye.

Currently open to opportunities and exploring emerging tech over at 👉 hotnew.tech

In 2010, I came to see that the internet was the most powerful tool for making ideas real.

I attended the circus to train in front end development, then interned at Armchair with some sweet southern geniuses. As soon as I could make a website, I realized - everyone needs a website.

Started freelancing, then worked with agencies Fictive Kin and Basis as a front end engineer. Then wanted to try product side, started working as a full stack engineer at Alchemy.

Now I'm here, somwhere in between senior front end engineer, developer, artist, full stack.

I love brutalism, rapid prototyping, desigining in browser, turning dry technical concepts into hilarious presentations, playing with public APIs, collaborating, starting, finishing and the process.