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  • Angular 9
  • Typescript
  • CSS / SCSS / HTML5
  • GraphQL
  • Django
  • ES6, JS, Jquery 😳
  • Git
  • Unit Testing (Jasmine, Jest)
  • translating design to pixel perfection
  • translating product specs to wireframes
  • Jira / Agile
  • Version Control & CLI
  • Material
  • Figma + Sketch + Photoshop
  • Ideation + Gamestorming

a drop of:

  • Vue
  • React & React Native
  • Docker
  • Jeckyll + Middlman
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Java


emerging tech podcast

screenshot of landing page for hot new tech, featuring a vintage timex sinclair 2058 with the flashing text hot new tech

Company: Hot New Tech

Role: Creator of podcast, blog and website

Victories: Created emerging tech platform including website, podcast and blog to explore, deploy and review new tech every week including web monetization, voice activated actions, AR and more.

rapid prototyping a data driven team building product

screenshot of landing page for alchemy site

Company: Alchemy

Role: Full stack feature contribution and lead front end dev

Stack: Angular, SCSS, Typescript, GraphQL, Django

Victories: As the first hire, architected the app from the ground up and grew the engineering team. Owner of a comprehensive, scalable plan for creating a world class UI, including file structure, naming conventions, theming, layouts, grid, component design and QA. Contributed to agile, end to end full stack feature development - strict typing, unit testing and writing features from the django model to the graphql mutations to angular services to reusable component design.

event success dashboard

media platform event success dashboard product on various devices

Agency: Basis Worldwide

Client: Media Platform

Stack: HTML, CSS, JS, highcharts

Victories: Recieved sketch files and owned front end of web application from beginining to delivery to client before deadline. Leveraged D3 based high charts and video.js to quantify qualitative data, and translated designs into cross browser compatible, responsive perfection - becoming one of their most used products

custom site & CMS

screenshot of brian collins personal site

Agency: Fictive Kin

Client: Collins Brian

Stack: Jeckyl, Siteleaf, SCSS, JQuery

Victories: Translated minimalist, fresh design into completed site with a light weight custom CMS as an alternative to Wordpress.

debugging css animations & browser issues

screenshot of mascot adoption agency site

Agency: Fictive Kin

Stack: CSS animations

Victories: Dove deep into CSS3 animations and browser performance for to debug and perfect this fun site.

design & custom site

screenshot of clockshop site

Agency: Duh Studio

Client: Clockshop

Stack: HTML, CSS, JS

Victories: Designed this site in browser and resulted in a cost effective, beautiful site for a happy client that still exists today, actively impacting the LA art scene.